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Effect of Adding UV Absorbers Embedded in Carbonate Calcium Templates Covered with Light Responsive Polymer into a Clear Wood Coating

28 juillet 2018, 7 août 2018


The limited durability of clear coatings is a major issue for the coating and wood industry.
The addition of organic UV absorbers improves coating resistance by the absorption and the
conversion of the UV radiation into harmless heat. Organic UVAs are prone to degradation and can migrate in the binder of coatings. In this study, commercial UVAs and HALS have been entrapped into CaCO3 templates coated with stimuli responsive polymers. Microspheres were incorporated into a clear acrylic water-based coating formulation. The formulation was applied on glass and wood panels and was placed into an artificial UV chamber. This study presents a comparison between the aesthetic behavior of coating formulations with free and encapsulated commercial UVAs and HALS during the accelerated ageing test. Encapsulation of UVAs was confirmed by XPS and TGA analysis. Results have shown that the coating’s aesthetic was slightly improved when using the encapsulated products.

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